What strange behaviours have you noticed with your frogs

Discussion in 'Dart Frogs General' started by harrow_33, Apr 6, 2018.

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    thought this would be a cool topic as I just found something starange with my male punt laurel. I have a trio and I hear my male often but never have seen him call so I wanted to try identify which out of the trio was the male so I tied playing other punta laurel calls off YouTube to try and trick him but did not succeed tried heavy misting during the storm this week and nothing. Then the following day I was working on another viv and was using my cordless drill and every time I would start using it he would pop right out and start calling. At first I thought maybe it was just coincidence but have randomly done over the last few days and it works every time. Just wondering if any one else has stumbled across something strange like this.

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