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    Welcome to the Tutorials section of the forum.

    This section is strictly reserved for tutorials written by members of the forum; it is not meant to be used for discussions. As such, only moderators and administrators can post in this section*. The goal is to gradually improve on the tutorials by modifying them according to feedback from other members. Feedback can be posted by replying to the tutorial post. I suggest that replies to the tutorial be deleted when changes have been brought or when the discussion has ended, in order to keep tutorials as clean and simple as possible.

    If you have a tutorial that you woud like to see added to the section, send me a PM along with your tutorial text for the moment. Frequent contributors will get moderator status for the Tutorials section.

    I will post a simple example tutorial tonight to be used as a template. If you're wondering what you could write about, here are some ideas:

    - vivarium from a 10, 15, 20, etc. gallon tank
    - building a vivarium rack
    - drilling glass
    - making a false bottom
    - installing a misting system
    - installing a draining system
    - mounting epiphytic plants
    - picking the right terrarium plants
    - importing frogs
    - preparing fly cultures


    * AFAICT, there are no moderators right now, but we could offer moderator status at least for this section to anyone who wishes to write tutorials.

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