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    Marketplace Rules

    Please be aware that Canadart is not wholy or partly responsible for any purchase or trade made through the help of this site.

    1. Submit your ad in the template below. Any ads not following this format will be deleted.
    Item: (Plants,frogs, viv)
    Cost ($) $100 (each obo)
    Location: City, Province
    Seller :Name
    Contact (email and - or PM)
    and any additional information below.
    2. After the item is sold return and post "item sold". When an ad is a year old, or has been marked sold, it will be moved to the Archived Classified forum.
    3. No negative comments about vendors, (i.e. Money is not to be discussed, no attacks, off topic chatting or thread hijacking) this rule will be very strictly moderated.
    4. Only one bump per week (a bump is blatant post that bumps your listing to the top of the forum).
    5. No illegal items may be listed.
    6. All transactions made with members of this board will require shipments to shipped with a tracking number or electronic receipt. No exceptions, failure to do so will see the shipper banned.

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