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    Cost ($): 15-50
    Location: Victoria BC, will ship
    Seller: Bryan
    Contact: bryanemery85@gmail.com
    It is time to make some room in the greenhouse! here is a list of plants I have avail now, some are great for vivs, some are not, feel free to ask questions.

    name description size Price
    Tricosalpinx chamaelepanthes hanging growth habit, bare root or mtd 20
    Dracula lotax 'Popcorn' Warm growing does fine in low humidity 2.25” 25
    Dresslerella portillae furry all over mtd 20
    Barbosella cognauxaana 'Sparkler' great grower, flowers well mtd 20
    Restrepia vasquezii compact 2.25 20
    Restrepia chameleon 'Changling' fantastic pink and cream flrs 2.25 25
    Pleurothallis tridentata little yellow clams mtd 20
    Tricocerous muralis rare mtd 35
    Pleuro simulans redish flowers on leaves 2.25 20
    Barbosella cuculata 2 clones red and yellow 2.25 25
    Masd herradurae cute small warm grower 2.25 25
    Masd caudata f. xanthocorys pale form of caudata 2.25 25
    Pleuro canaligera lots of small flrs born on lvs 3 20
    Restrepia flosculata 'Yellow Sprite' taller plant, yellow flrs 2.25 20
    Restrepia aristulifera 2.25 20
    Masdevallia yungasensis cool grower, striped flrs 2.25 25
    Masdevallia Mary Stall 'Golden Gate' AM beautiful yellow flowers 4 40
    Masdevallia Copper Dust compact plants sunset tones 2.25 25
    Pleurothallis stricta 'Judy Lindsay' free flowering mini 2.25 20
    Masd Northern Envy 'Amathyst Haze' HCC orange with purple hairs 2.25 25
    Masdevallia calosiphon cool grower 2.25 20
    Masdevallia Winter Blush spotted flowers 2.25 30
    Masdevallia polysticta multifloral 2.25 20
    Masdevallia fialaria compact 2.25 25
    Restrepia dodsonii compact free flowering 2.25 20
    Dresslerella caesariata furry all over 2.25 30
    Dracula soderi 'Fuzzy Bell' grows potted or mtd bare root 25
    Masdevallia Angel Tang orange flowers 2.25 25
    Pleurothallis palliolata clam like flowers mounted 20
    Masdevallia uniflora purple/pink flowers 2.25 25
    Masdevallia patula stunning pendant flrs 2.25 30
    Masdevallia Wally Bernstein huge spotted flrs 3 45
    Masdevallia Angel Candy striped flrs 2.25 25
    Pleuro gomezii lg plants, chains of yel flrs 3 25
    Masdevallia Night Stripes compact, striped flrs 2.25 20
    Masdevallia cf amabilis Huge pink red flrs 2.25 25
    Masd Rushtonii 'Malcolm Adams' AM climbing cool grower 2.25 20
    Masd mendozae 'Yellow Doll' yellow form 2 25
    Masd Harrold Ripley 'Nori's Gift' tall, orange flrs 4 40
    Masd Tashi compact 2.25 20
    Masd Nightshade huge flowers 2.25 25
    Masdevallia excelcior deep maroon purple flrs 2.25 30
    Masdevallia Violet Gem 'Jewel' purple spottted flrs 2.25 25
    Masd Highland Monarch 'Free Spirit' large orange flrs 4 45
    Goodyera pusilla stunning lvs cutting 25
    Anoectochilus albo-lineatus stunning lvs cutting 25
    goodyera viridiflora green with dark green veins cutting 15
    corybas geminigibbus terrestrial small tuber 20
    corybas caloptepos terrestrial small tuber 20
    Dendrobium sinele furry lvs yellow flrs 2 15
    Dendrobium bellatulum compact, white and orange 2 25
    Sederia japonica fragrant 2 20
    Aerangis fastuosa compact, white flrs 2 20
    Bulbophyllum biflorum rambling, nice flrs cutting 20
    Maxallaria sophronitis red flrs cutting 15
    barbosella cognauxaana mat forming cutting 15
    Dendrobium christyanum orange/white flrs 2 25
    Dendrobium trantuanii light purple flrs 2 20
    Ang viguieri tan flowers 2 25
    Dendrobium aphrodite cream/yellow flrs 2 30
    Paph Lady Isabel Multifloral 4-5 50
    Paph Gloria Naugle Pink 4-5 50
    Paph Benkei white and black 2-5 40
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    I've said this before but Bryan has awesome plants and is an awesome guy to deal with. I just picked up a load of Jewels, Tubers and other awesome stuff for my new build.

    Be sure to look through the list, there are some super rare terrarium plants on his list that only show up once in a blue moon.
  3. Ethan A

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    Victoria B.C.
    I picked up a bunch on monday and they are doing awesome. If you need plants for a terrarium get some orchids :)
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    Just want to thank Bryan,

    He shipped me some of the orchids and they are great.

    Thanks again
  5. Henk

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    Also thanks for the extras!
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    I got my plants from Bryan last week! You were easy to order from and they shipped fast and safely. Thank you for the bonus plants!!
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    I think I need a jewel orchid too Bryan
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