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    I truly believe in spreading the word when you find a good supplier. Quite by chance when looking for lighting options for our Dart Frog Vivarium build, my wife discovered Northern Gecko in Scarborough. We ordered a Zoo Med LED lighting unit, and a Mist King Basic, plus some extra Mist King fittings, because their prices are so good.........with free shipping too if you are over a certain amount.

    We ordered on a Friday and the excellently packaged goods arrived early on Monday. I realized we accidentally ordered the LED light that comes with UVB...........which we don't need. Called Jeremy at Northern Gecko as I realized that their wharehouse and Gecko breeding facility is only 10 minutes from our place. Arranged for a walk-in there to swop out the lights.

    Met Jeremy and Mark, the CEO. What super-nice people. Jeremy sorted out the light and Mark reimbursed my credit card for the balance. Yesterday, I again called and dropped in to pick up a bag of Reptisoil for my background covering. Exactly the same excellent customer service with a smile.

    Northern Gecko are major wholesale suppliers to many of the Vivarium supply outlets in the GTA. Their prices are highly competitive. I can thoroughly recommend them for mail order and although they are not a retail shop as such, they are not adverse to callers as long as you phone in advance.

    Yesterday, I saw simply beautiful masses of wood in various varieties.

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    Agree, very good company and service. We use them for all our Repashy products and other items.
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    +1 for Northern gecko. Been buying stuff from them for a few years with great service and fast shipping.

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