**URGENT** Unexpected Terribilis Tadpole

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    First of all, I'm sort of a new old user, I used to come here before under a different username.

    So I was just watching TV when for some reason I decided to look over at my terribilis and I noticed the male carrying a lone tadpole. This was a complete surprise because I've had these frogs for almost 8 years, and they've never successfully bred until now. There's been calling, eggs, but they never developed. And the clutch that this tadpole came from must have been well hidden, because I never saw it.

    I'm not prepared at all for this. The only source of water in the viv is a small pond in a glass bowl, which is full of mud and debris that the frogs have tracked into it. I'd need to dig this out to get the tadpole, and even then it would probably be a challenge to safely separate the tadpole from all of the dirt and debris. The only distilled water I have on hand is in the misting system, and I'm concerned the male will put the tadpole in the muddy pond in the time that it would take to distill more.

    Should I just tank raise this one? If I seem rusty it's because I haven't bred any darts in the past 4 years, ever since my breeding female auratus died. Any additional/extra tips for tank raising?

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