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    I went here on Sunday on a fact-finding expedition.........They should have called this the Ball-Python Expo, there were SO many for sale!

    A few Dart Frogs on sale at what i felt were good prices. I thought I would take some photos. I only had my point and shoot camera with me and it was somewhat compromised by flash reflections and condensation on the containers lids, but here's a few pictures.

    023 (Copy).JPG 024 (Copy).JPG 025 (Copy).JPG 026 (Copy).JPG 028 (Copy).JPG 034 (Copy).JPG 037 (Copy).JPG 043 (Copy).JPG 045 (Copy).JPG 046 (Copy).JPG 047 (Copy).JPG 066 (Copy).JPG 067 (Copy).JPG 068 (Copy).JPG 073 (Copy).JPG 077 (Copy).JPG
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