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    Wondering what the thoughts were on Keeping the front glass clear as possible....Tank is 72" L x 20" Tall x 24" deep so like 182.8cm x 50.8cm x 61cm Right now its got glass tops -No"Venting" really in place other than i have the front to panels up off the top leaving 1/4" gap approx along the 72" side....(Which is the face) I found if i keep the room warm/close to the same i get minimal to no fogging just some condensation to the corners...but not sure if it always will be possible.... Inside temps range 79F down to 73F by the looks and 97 Humidity to about 94%...only turn mister on 2 times in a day right now as i used the Hygro Sensor for the mist King was a no no....Lesson learned Normal Timer only...

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