Santa Isabella Anthonyi

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    Item: Santa Isabelle Anthonyi
    Cost ($): $35 (each obo)
    Location: Gatineau, Quebec
    Seller: Stephane Diprose
    Contact: (email and - or PM)
    and any additional information below.

    Hey all,

    Ihave available a bunch of these amazing little frogs. santa isabella Anthonyi, All are eating all sizes or fruit flies, bean beetles, spring tails etc etc. very bold little frogs once they know to expect food from their human friends.. easy to care for with the right set up, awesome little darts that live well in groups males have a lovely call. easy to breed with easy to care for tadpoles.. All of the ones available have been out of the water for 4 to 6 months++ we keep them longer to make sure they are excellent and perfect to go. asking 35$ ea and willing to give special pricing for multiple purchases. 20-30 +++ available

    feel free to ask questions, we have and can supply with flies to start you own cultures.
    sorry couldn't attaché any pictures, the ones I have are to large to poste :(

    for a quick reply you can reach me at text 613-863-4158 email stephane.diprose(at)

    thanks for looking


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