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    Item:see below
    Cost ($):see below
    Location: Calgary, Alberta
    Seller: Dawn
    Contact:email : info@junglejewelexotics.com or PM me

    Here is a current list of our available frogs. Please contact us further for more details.
    Availability is subject to change and does so frequently. Most are sold as unsexed juveniles age from 3-6 months out of water. Shipping is available within Canada via air carrier. Pick up is available in SW Canada Calgary. Please inquire about available plants and bioactive cleaner and feeder bugs. For other supplies please visit our websitewww.junglejewelexotics.com

    Tinctorius cobalt $90 ea
    Tinctorius oyapok $90 ea
    Auratus blue/black $60 ea
    Auratus Costan Rician Green/black $60ea
    Auratus super blue $60 ea

    Ranitomeya flavovitta sale $80 ea reg$125 ea
    Ranitomeya vanzolinii $125
    Ranitomeya imitator Chazuta $80ea.
    E. Anthoni Santa Isabell $50 ea. Or 3/$100
    Whites tree frogs CB babies $40 each or 3/$100
    Currently In the water (available late winter or in the spring)
    Tinctorius azureus
    Tinctorius citronella
    Tinctorius Powder Blue
    Tinctorius New River
    Ranitomeya reticulata
    Ranitomeya fantastica canarchi
    Ranitomeya summersi
    Ranitomeya fantastica true nominate
    Ranitomeya imitator Tarapodo
    Lucemela -standard and banded
    And Morning Geckos
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