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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MT-ED, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Toronto, Ontario
    I used to be very heavily into aquaria and even helped write a specialist book on one particular group of fish which was published in 2006. Eventually, I just got burned out on it and the maintenance required became a chore I no longer wanted to do. So about 5 years ago, we sold off everything and I can't honestly say I miss them.
    However, because I'm retired, I do have time to do things now and we recently started bringing some green back into our apartment. Mainly, we have succulents, but I keep finding plants I like, but they need moist conditions that we can't provide in the apartment environment.
    Seeing lots of Terrariums online made me realize that we could provide conditions for the plants that we would like to keep, with the added possibility of housing Dart frogs which is something that have always fascinated me. I'm a very technical person and thoroughly enjoyed the mechanics of fish keeping. I developed unique systems for the fish I specialized in that could be duplicated by virtually anyone anywhere in the world. These helped people breed species that had never been bred in aquaria before. So the building of a Terrarium represents a new challenge to my creative juices.
    Been doing research and went to the Toronto Reptile Expo yesterday to see some froggies up close and make some contacts with Ontario suppliers. Very impressed with the frogs from Understory Enterprises Inc.
    My wife and I have decided we can accommodate a 24"L x 24"H x 12"D tank in our kitchen Breakfast Room area. Firstly, I will buy the tank and start building the internals. I'm planning on a waterfall and very shallow pool, flowing via a filter sponge into a hidden pump chamber. All this will be isolated from the land section by siliconed in glass. That will be disguised by smooth black pebbles siliconed to the glass to form a shallow sloped shoreline. The pump chamber will be accessed via a lift off lid that will look like part of the land section.
    We went to Kims Nature out in Markham the other day. Will definitely be buying plants from there for this project. Just a treasure-trove of decor in that place......highly recommended if you're in the GTA.
    I'm a keen photographer, so you can expect a build-up thread as this project progresses.
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    Markham, Ontario
    Welcome to Canadart. There are a lot of people with frogs and unusual plants here and I am sure you will meet a lot of very nice people on this forum. Everyone is super helpful here.

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