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    Hey everyone, this is my first viv build. I have experience keeping herps, but this is all pretty new territory for me so I'm learning as I go and enjoying it. The viv is very small (12x12x12), Im treating it more as a practice run for bigger vivs, though if it goes well I may put a thumbnail in here. I have about 80% of the top covered by an acrylic sheet.

    For plants I have the bromeliad, some wandering jews, mother fern (i think), some sheet moss and a pink splash plant. At the start I was definitely over humidifying the enclosure, leading to a lot of plant rot (esp from the purple wandering jew).

    I've also put in some springtails and isopods, though I've yet to see a huge culture of springtails.. im wondering if they've died off. I have a culture i keep in a container and I'm pretty sure the entire population died off.

    I'm a little unsure about the light source and if its potentially too close to the viv? It is a 5000k led bulb I got from home depot.

    Let me know what you guys think, if you have any advice (plants, humidity, lighting, etc) what I could keep in there (too small for a pair of ranitomeya i think?), etc.


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