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    Item: Corybas pictus
    Cost ($): $30
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Seller: Mackenzie
    Contact: PM/ectophiles @

    I just recently dismantled a terrarium I was using to grow Corybas pictus. They'd always pop up, but never bloom so I wanted to try a new substrate. Thought there were only the bulbs I purchased a while back, but it seems they've been creating a number of new ones.

    So I'll have a bunch of bulbs available for purchase. $30 each or 4 for $100. There are not many and this is a limited offer for the next few days. I have already transferred the main group to their new terrarium(s) and will add the extras into those by Monday/Tuesday. Please contact me by then.

    Shipping is available.

    Photo is not mine, but shows a group of mature Corybas flowering.

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