Cornel's World Terrariums

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    Calgary, Alberta
    Cornel's World Terrariums
    You Quality Customized Terrarium Source

    Products Offered:
    Glass Terrariums
    Wood Terrariums
    Wire Terrariums
    PVC Terrariums
    Combination enclosures
    Cabinetry (Stands, Hoods, Canopies etc)
    Terrarium Automation
    Misting systems and accessories

    Services offered:
    Cage Design
    Cage Plans
    Material Lists

    Please e-mail me at, or visit my website at to see some of the enclosures etc I have done.

    Also check out my facebook page as there are some of the more up to date pictures posted there.
    Greg West
    Cornel's World Terrariums
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